Night time

If you close your eyes

And clench your toes

You might be able to hear it.

It comes in the night

Its quite like a sprite

It has a song to sing, lets hear it.

When the old one comes

He will beat on his drum

And give you a word of advice

All you can do

It world around you

Is love you pet cockatoo.

So when the song comes to you

Wiggle your toes in your shoes

And think the best thoughts you can do.



“Let me ask you,

What makes you you?”


Sad rain,


Work on Tuesdays,

My mother,

My father,

November 2 1994,


Shaved legs,

Metallic doornbos,


Candle wax,

Gloomy grand canyon,


Rusty nails,


And let me think…

O yeah bees.

Definitely bees.



Dear friend,

Welcome emerging!

Emerging, I work closely and other partners and persons on,

Emerging, identifying, and meeting specialized goals.

Emerging is optional and free and on a first come first served basis.

I encourage this life,

Spend each day and create a strong scene.

Begin identifying.

The aim,


We encourage you, but only if you complete the following,


It’s as simple as that!

If you have any questions about, or otherwise, or another thing.

I look forward to meeting you,






Keep up the rhythm

Keep up the rhythm

1 too loud to make the fish talk

2 too sad to make the drain clog

3 too fun to make me say drummmmmmmmmmm

Keep up the rhythm

Keep up the rhythm

4 too bloody so get me a mop

5 too breathy so can’t we just talk

6 too rutty so lets drink the beerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Keep up the rhythm

Keep up the rhythm

7 too hard to loosen em up

8 too wheezy so make them through up

9 too soft so toughen them upppppppppppppppppp

Keep up the rhythm

Keep up the rhythm


It’s April, again

We talk inaudibly before dawn, when 

we’re merely an apparition for our mind’s eye
The 4-6 am picture show
stars leather couch and corduroy –
we’re soft.
between drowsy and tangible
we live in amber
as if we were only made
to make today last forever. 
we collapse into a precipitate of familiarity –
Cerulean blue, June skies –
Warm and distant
In an instant
We flutter shut

It takes more

Give me salt

Baskets of brightly colored rocks and gold

Trophy me

I must be your mantel piece

Give me a stove and a warm flame

Boil and steam and make supreme

A dinner for two maybe

I will build you a house

You will be able to fly your kite and

Stand in sand where you stood

Trophy me

And I will make you all sorts of godly things



“Luck & Perseverance (Ethics).”

Each building must be separately and independently

connected/ All joints must be

made with pickled oakum

twelve ounces of fine

soft pig lead used

at each joint for

each inch of the diameter

of the pipe


house trap


fly screen             granted

shall protect

the walls and foundations from injury


no plumbing


fresh air


a lobby or vestibule

on Sundays or holidays