“Luck & Perseverance (Ethics).”

Each building must be separately and independently

connected/ All joints must be

made with pickled oakum

twelve ounces of fine

soft pig lead used

at each joint for

each inch of the diameter

of the pipe


house trap


fly screen             granted

shall protect

the walls and foundations from injury


no plumbing


fresh air


a lobby or vestibule

on Sundays or holidays


Cleaner Fish and Anteaters

Sell the idea of a cool breeze,

the idea of a foreign friend,

the idea of a tongue

to scoop what ails you

out of the lake

of your desolation.

Snow sifts the dust to the ground,

coddles the pear blossoms.

Below, a fish turns a fin,

and by the mound at your door

an inquiring eye regards you

as you listen to the colony

rustle underneath.


(with thanks to the prompt generator I recommended.)

Here’s a website with prompts

Edit: Here’s the best place to get to the prompts quickly (haven’t looked at today’s yet, but love yesterday’s generator! I also found a good “what would you say” statusbot on Facebook that could be promising…



Hi all,

Here’s a website that will host a new prompt every day (possibly for found poetry exercises) for National Poetry Month. I’ll post others as I find them!



Here’s our website!

Hi all,

Here’s our new website for posting a poem a day in April during National Poetry Month! It should be relatively self-explanatory. I’ll be playing with themes and formatting a bit; in the past it’s been hard to publish poems without WordPress double-spacing every single line, which is a pain.


Dr. Cassel